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Bushcraft z dziećmi: piknik na skraju Baryczy

Bushcraft with children: riverside picnic

A full-day trip to the forest with the family. Camping, hammocking, nature tracking and a photo session for Zona: the Chernobyl secret. It was a really good day.

Całodniowy rodzinny bushcraft - escape to the forest

All-day family bushcraft

A full-day family trip to the forest. Setting up the camp, cooking dinner, a special mushroom recipe and hammocking.

kemping emocjonalny

Emotional camping

South Korean youtuber Heung-Jun Ahn works in advertising on a daily basis. For two years now, he has been publishing films on his PICNICAMP 피크 니 캠프 {감성 채널} (Picnic camp {emotional channel}) channel. Heung-Jun… Read More »Emotional camping



Considered one of the fathers of modern, light canoeing and hiking, Nessmuk was a man of an extremely modest exterior. With a height of 1.6 meters and a weight of less than 50 kg, light… Read More »Nessmuk

stealth camping

What is stealth camping?

Stealth camping, or hidden camping, is a new trend, which, however, can already boast some successes. It is roughly … hidden camping. What is stealth camping? Stealth camping, or hidden camping, consists in setting up… Read More »What is stealth camping?

bushcraftowy niezbędnik

Bushcraft equipment

When it comes to bushcraft, two things can be said for sure – all beginners ask a lot of questions like: what kind of bushcraft knife? What bushcraft shoes? What hammock for bushcraft? However, all… Read More »Bushcraft equipment