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10,000 steps a day for health

In 1965, the Japanese company Yamasa Clock created the Manpokei pedometer, which means “10,000 steps”. And to this day, there are disputes whether 10,000 steps a day for health are true, a myth or just a marketing gimmick.

My 10,000 steps a day

10,000 steps a day – true or false?

The fact is that the number of steps is not as important as the very fact of walking, being outdoors (e.g. walking in a forest). Although the number of steps may correlate with health effects (as long as it is an element of daily activity practiced over the years), it is impossible to establish one universal value.

What is 10,000 steps a day?

First of all, it is an element of the prevention of civilization diseases such as obesity, diabetes or atherosclerosis. Daily physical activity also allows you to take care of the circulatory system, which, according to Statistics Poland, is the most common cause of death among Poles.

Daily physical activity also improves mood, and taking 10,000 steps is a good alternative for most people to more competitive and injurious activities (such as running).

How to measure steps?

The cheapest and the easiest – Google Fit

Google Fit is an application available for a smartphone. It is roughly good at counting steps, plus it has all sorts of cool extras like daily goals.

A little more expensive – smartband

Various types of smartbands cost from several dozen to one hundred and several dozen zlotys. Some of them have options for pairing with the phone and the application in which we can track the statistics over a longer period of time. The smartband also most often has other “features” such as heart rate or sleep tests.

More specialized equipment

These are primarily pedometers and sports watches with a pedometer function. Such equipment may cost a bit more, but it probably also has the highest precision.

How much precision is needed?

Often when talking about “steps”, I hear arguments like “this band is distorting” or something like that. Well, the truth is that this precision does not need much. Ie. it is enough that the band will be able to distinguish 9000 from 8000. Some people are also bothered by the fact that the band counts everything, including how we go to the toilet. This is also not something to worry about – the movement that we make constantly – going to the toilet, to the kitchen, etc. is also very important. One of the causes of obesity is that 20 years ago you had to go to a photocopier, and today you can send documents by e-mail. These are the small steps of 30-40 steps per activity that accumulate 1000-1500 steps throughout the day.

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