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Emotional camping

South Korean youtuber Heung-Jun Ahn works in advertising on a daily basis. For two years now, he has been publishing films on his PICNICAMP 피크 니 캠프 {감성 채널} (Picnic camp {emotional channel}) channel. Heung-Jun Ahn’s films depict his camping and picnics – which take place in the spirit of a certain philosophy that the author describes as emotional camping.

What is emotional camping?

Camping in the bosom of nature – alone, with family, friends – in such a way as – as the author describes it – to reveal your identity in nature, transfer your favorite things to it, decorate your little house around you and stop for a while.

It would seem that emotional camping is something between camping, mindfulness and forest bathing. It is gathering your favorite things around you – food, drink, smells, colors – connecting it with nature and immersing yourself in it fully.

All this, of course, seems to be a response to the needs related to the challenges of the 21st century, such as stress, living in large urban agglomerations, lack of contact with nature, omnipresent electronics and artificial light. But it is also a response to a pandemic – for more or less two years, more and more people are resigning from holidays abroad, but the popularity of other forms of recreation is growing, e.g. campgrounds.

In South Korea, where Heung-Jun Ahn comes from, it is estimated that the number of people camping has increased 20-fold in a decade. These types of recreation are cheaper and often provide what people need. So not necessarily all-inclusive hotels, but just peace, quiet and communing with nature. Emotional camping seems to be the perfect tip for how to do it even better.

It started with a small tent

The PICNICAMP channel has more than 80,000 followers today. people from all over the world, which proves that the emotional issue of camping arouses great interest. As a man with advertising experience, Heung-Jun Ahn prepares his productions at a very high level, with great care and reverence. But he also approaches the campsite with great care and reverence, making it almost a mystery or a performance in which the main roles are played by nature, weather, colors, light (including the extremely important natural light – fire, candles, kerosene lamps), but also sounds (ASMR) – especially sounds related to the preparation of food.

Food and drink play a significant role here. Emotional camping in the style of Heung-Jun Ahn is largely about pampering the senses – also the sense of taste. Anyway, the fact that people love to watch food being prepared, and this preparation of food with reverence, without comment and with a clearly audible sound (ASMR), can be testified to the huge success of the Almazan Kitchen channel (3.82 million subscribers), the author of which only prepares food in the field .

Heung-Jun Ahn does not live by food porn alone – the artistry of his films covers the whole, including the arrangement of space, the arrangement of objects that are often very visually attractive in themselves, ending with small handicrafts, which the author sometimes cultivates.

Asia domain?

All this fits perfectly with our ideas about the Far East, about how people think, work and rest there. When watching Heung-Jun Ahn’s films, you get the impression that everything is in its place precisely because it takes place in South Korea. However, can this trend spread everywhere also in other countries? Why not, since the practices of shinrin-yoku or forest bathing, which in turn originate in Japan, are becoming more and more common.

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